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Guidelines on Avoiding EMF Exposure

It is important to note that, electromagnetic fields are produced, by almost all electric appliances.However, most people are unaware of the dangers posed by too much exposure to these fields.There are several health complications that are associated with an individual’s exposure to strong EMFs.You must, therefore, try to minimize the exposure levels to these electromagnetic fields, if you cannot completely avoid such fields.You can follow the tips below, in order for you to minimize EMF exposure.

You should always avoid having electric appliances that emit, or transmit electromagnetic waves.These gadgets may include, TVs, radios, cell phones, computers, etc.If you cannot completely get rid of them, at least try to minimize the amount of time you use them.This will reduce the levels of exposure, hence you will be safer from the possible effects.Also, you must avoid staying near boosters, and radio receivers.This is due to the amplification processes that take place in these transmitters, which results to production of very strong electromagnetic fields.There are a number of health problems you are likely to experience as a result of your close stay to these transmitters, which may include, leukemia, and other complications.

Because it is almost impossible to eliminate the use of artificial systems, we can only be able to reduce the risks involved due to the exposure to these electromagnetic fields.This can be done by keeping your devices on airplane mode, or completely off.You should also use internet cables to connect to the internet, rather than using Wi-Fi connections.If you must use Wi-Fi, and mobile hotspots, then turn them on when you are using the internet, and switch them off when not in use.Also, remember to switch off Wi-Fi routers at night.You should also use hard-wire connections to link computers to other networks rather than using Bluetooth, and other wireless mechanisms.When you ensure that wiring, and electrical connections are properly done, you reduce the risk of production of strong EMF which can affect you.

You should also sleep away from sockets, and circuit breakers, or turn them off.Always use protective tools when using, and handling electronic devices, to protect yourself from the strong electromagnetic fields.You can also use dirty electricity filters to clean this electricity.Also, it is necessary to minimize the use of such devices, as much as you can.The effects due to EMF exposure, like oxidation, can be mitigated by eating a diet full of antioxidants, which will reduce the rate of oxidation within the body.Grounding, will also help you neutralize the positive ions, which you had been subjected to, by electric devices.By staying close to moving water, you will be exposed to negative ions, which will neutralize the positive ions that you had been previously exposed to.

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