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Hyundai’s i30 Still Stands Out as an Impressive All-Around Value

Hyundai is a company that regularly delivers class-leading value, and that is true all up and down the manufacturer’s line. More or less every Hyundai on the market today receives plaudits from reviewers on this account and others, with value still being a central focus for a company that has emphasized it from the very beginning. While Hyundai’s upmarket SUV models and other cars might make for impressive value propositions of their own, though, the company’s commitment to delivering a lot for a given investment probably comes out most clearly in its economy-focused vehicles. The compact Hyundai i30, for instance, has been a hit ever since its 2007 introduction, and the well-rounded value it represents is an important reason for that.

One reason for this how the i30 combines inimitably German styling and engineering with Hyundai’s own value-focused approach to design and manufacturing. Feeling and looking to many like a somewhat smaller cousin to legendary German cars like the Volkswagen GTI, the i30 is a vehicle that is fun to own and drive while delivering a tremendous amount of value at its price point.

Value in a modern vehicle, of course, requires more than just being able to get from place to place reliably. This particular Hyundai line excels in just about every conceivable respect, with the entire family receiving five-star safety ratings from ANCAP, along with impressive reliability scores from owners. While the compact size of the vehicle means that the range of an i30 will never quite beat out those of somewhat larger cars with significantly more spacious fuel tanks, the efficiency of the Hyundai engine within keeps the gap surprisingly narrow.

As a result, i30 buyers can count on paying relatively little for a vehicle that seems to deliver a whole lot all across the board. That has helped make the i30 one of Hyundai’s best-selling cars of all in Australia and other significant markets, even while the manufacturer increasingly attracts attention at steadily elevating price points. Hyundai’s dedication to value, it would seem, is not giving way at any level to its ever-heightening ambitions. The i30 proves that Hyundai still delivers every bit as much value at the lower end of the market as it now does at significantly higher prices.

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